Our Story

Our founders have years of experience in the optical industry.  Not only from prescribing lenses and creating the final product but with working with hundreds of frame lines.  We felt it was time to give something the industry has never really had.  Harnessing this expertise we setout to develop a frame line that takes the best of the best from around the world and bring it into one.  We not only work with other high end brands, we also have access to other very affordable lines as well.  This allows us to offer more to a broader base of clients.

What sets Büssali apart from the "other" frame companies is that our designs start with the Doctors and end with you the patients.  This is the way it use to be.

With the founders being Doctors themselves in the industry give our Brand a unique edge and doors open to us that are not open to others.  Using these advantages along with other industry and fashion experts we get to work as a team to create some of the most cutting edge and revolutionary custom designs for you.

After years of working within the industry and seeing the online opportunity open up we felt this was the best time to start our project.  Yes, Project...this is and will be an ongoing, growing project.  To be clear; our target is high end luxury frame category.

The industry is saturated with cheap low end.  Our target is hand made high end quality, feel and customer service.  We can now share this with the world here in our new online store just like we have been doing it in our offices.

All of our signature frames are custom hand made creations made just for you.  We have been operating for over 10 years out of our custom labs in our doctors offices.  This allows us to give unique attention your order deserves while providing the absolute best in materials and hand craftsmanship.  Our acetates are a mixture of the best Mazzucchelli acetate and is the finest Italian frame material known for its strength, versatility, and most importantly its vibrant color. We add our own “flair” so we strive to create the most unexpected custom color combinations we can design. We import stainless steel and titanium from Italy, France and Japan, while our aluminum comes from Denmark for the most part. We care about strong hinges so these come in from Germany and high quality crystals from several suppliers.  We take great care to incorporate rigid standards for the factories we work with.  With a combination of the best materials from around the world we bring the product to completion here in the USA.  We support our local workforce with jobs and for those in need by providing free eye care with each frame sold.  We are also tenacious about keeping the environment healthy by using recycled materials and the greenest processing technologies to date.

We have tested Büssali Designs here in our own brick and mortar stores in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca and West Palm Beach Florida.  The Büssali Designs out performed our Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Versace, Persol, Oliver Peoples, Tiffany & Co., Michael Kors, DITA, and Alain Mikli in quality and value.  As far as build quality and price-point Büssali won every-time.  Yes, we and our clients may be biased, and yes the client did not select our brand every time due to personal style and choice obviously, but this is our target market and to compete with the most popular we are honored.  Thank you to all of our local south Florida clients that gave us this honest feedback.  Except Doug.

At Büssali Designs USA we are proud to offer a collection of the best materials from around the world and to be able to bring them all together into one truly American made and designed frame line.  Just like America is a collection of the best from all over the world, so is our product, the best components brought together into one, this is our promise to you.  

We hope you enjoy your experience.

 Dr's Steve and Ali Bussa