Air Optix Colors 2 pack
Air Optix Colors 2 pack

Air Optix Colors 2 pack

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AIR OPTIX COLORS 2-pack Product Information

AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses combine beautiful color with a highly breathable material for white healthy looking eyes, and a smooth surface for comfortable lens wear. The unique 3 in 1 color technology blends with the eye color to provide a beautiful, natural appearance. AIR OPTIX COLORS contact lenses are available in a full range of beautiful colors, from subtle to vibrant.

  • AIR OPTIX COLORS are a monthly disposable contact lens from Alcon.
  • Provide an advanced combination of oxygen and moisture for a healthy, natural feeling.
  • Unique moisture agent that helps lubricate the lens for all day comfort from the start.
  • RX required
  • Current AIR OPTIX® AQUA wearers do not need a new fitting.